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Wrist strap

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Our wrist strap gives you extra security!

If you often work with your camera loose in your hand without a camera strap, then our wrist strap is perfect for you. It provides extra safety because you secure it to your body. If it accidentally falls out of your hand, this wrist strap will catch it.

In addition to these plain variants, our wristbands are also available in a number of fun prints. These plain leather wrist straps are a nice addition to your equipment. All variations of this wrist strap are made of strong and thick full-grain saddle leather. The use of this specific leather creates an extra strong wrist strap with a beautiful finish.

Note: Canon has made a connection that is too small for various models for the attachment of other camera straps, we recommend using a Micro Anchor from Peak Design instead of the triangular ring that we supply.

Tip: Personalize your wrist strap by having your own logo engraved on it. This way it fits perfectly with you and your branding.

S/M: total length is 45 cm
L/XL: total length is 55 cm

Merel wears size S/M on all photos.

Engraving: €12.50 (excl. VAT)