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Sling strap

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A sling strap ensures that you can free your hands at any time during a shoot and that your camera hangs securely from your body. Super handy when you want to adjust something in your setting or grab something from your bag without having to put your camera away. Our sling straps are available in various colors, so there is always one that matches your branding and style. Do you want to personalize your shoulder strap, you can! You can pimp it with a nice Mix & Match print and you can have your own logo engraved in the belt.

In addition to the camera mount, always attach the security strap. You attach this to the ring on the side of your camera and to the D-ring of the camera mount. Note: With various Canon models, they have made the connection for a strap too small, we recommend using a Micro Anchor from Peak Design instead of the triangular ring that we supply.

Always handy to have extra: camera screws. The Leather Rebel is a brand for the photographer, by the photographer. That is why we know better than anyone how quickly you can lose small parts. You can therefore order our camera screws separately from us, so that you always have an extra set at hand.

Belt length size S/M is approximately 135 cm
Belt length size L/XL is about 155cm
Merel is 1.70m and wears size S/M

We also deliver customization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tip: Personalize your sling strap by having your own logo engraved on it. This way it fits perfectly with you and your branding.

Engraving: €20.50 (excl. VAT)

Did you opt for personalization? Upload your logo below in .jpg or .png stating your name.

Engraving: €20.50 (excl. VAT)

Sizes: S/M < 1.75m and L/XL > 1.75m
Merel is 1.70m and wears size S/M.