Stylish camera straps and harnesses, extra strong and for every occasion

Personalize your strap

All our camera straps are available in various colors, but you can also order the camera mounts in other prints and patterns. All made of strong leather, so you can safely carry your camera with you. We make these Mix & Match camera mounts in three different prints, and they naturally match every color from our collection. This way you can put together your perfect combination and vary it. Because during a photo shoot in nature you might wear something different than at a wedding.

When you look in our shop, you will see that our camera straps are available in various colors: from nude to vintage green to cognac and stylish black. You can also get the Mix & Match parts in three different prints.

Your logo engraved in your harness

Next to all different options for color and pattern, The Leather Rebel also offers the option to let your own logo be engraved in the leather of your chosen product. As a photographer myself, I know how important it is that people can find you as a freelance photographer.

And, during a shoot you often run into people who are also interested. How cool is it that your logo is simply engraved in your harness? People immediately see who you are and what your company is called.

For the photographer, by a photographer

As a photographer I know how difficult it can be to find a camera strap that is high quality and match with your branding. That’s why I started The Leather Rebel. Camera straps and harnesses made of beautiful materials, strong enough to keep your equipment safe and stylish enough for every occasion.

A strap you can personalize so it fits your branding perfectly. You can even let your logo be engraved in it. Made and delivered by an entrepreneur with a big passion for photography and leather. A passion you can see, you can feel and you will get.


“We use full-grain and splitleather,
which is very strong because of the fibers in it.
Perfect for keeping your camera safe.”


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