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The Leather Rebel

As a photographer I know how difficult it can be to find a camera strap that is high quality and also good looking. Why not do it myself? Is what I thought. I’m a creative entrepreneur and I love to come up with new ideas and concepts. So, I researched the subject and came to the conclusion that I wanted to create this product myself. That’s how The Leather Rebel started.

The straps and harnesses are made of leather. I think the beauty of this material lays in the fact that the more you use the product, the more personalized it becomes. The leather becomes more flexible when you carry it around and starts to suit your body shape more and more. Leather products become more beautiful as you use them more frequently. The leather starts to live, which I think is amazing.

Merel Naafs     Designer | Photographer

Material and quality

Quality, of course, is extremely important when it gets to camera straps and harnesses. You don’t want your camera to detach and fall down. That’s why I went for high quality leather and metal. Locally sourced, so that I can drop by the suppliers who are known by me and whom I trust, so that I know exactly what I say ‘yes’ to when I do to a material. We use full-grain leather. This means the leather we use is very strong. They keep your camera gear safe, while you’re walking through busy weddings and crowded places or when you’re an amateur photographer taking pictures in a busy city of on your holiday.
Schouderriem camera voor dames en heren met print

Personalize your camera strap or harness

Sure, the leather personalizes the product by adjusting to your use of it. But, I also add a little extra personalization to the camera straps and harnesses in different ways. All the base products are available in several colors, but you can also order the loose parts in different prints and patterns. All made of the same strong leather, so you can choose whichever you like: dots, stripes, or another fun print. This way, you can personalize the strap so it fits every occasion. Maybe, you want to wear something different in nature than during a wedding photoshoot.

In addition to all the choice in color and pattern, we also offer the possibility to have your own logo engraved in the leather. We know better than anyone how important it is that people can find you as a freelance photographer. And, during a shoot you often run into people who are also interested. How cool is it that your logo is simply engraved in your harness? People immediately see who you are and what your company is called. A camera strap from The Leather Rebel really completes your look as a photographer. After all, you want to appear stylish, contemporary and professional when you have a shoot. A nice camera strap is also part of that outfit. Especially if it contains your own logo and the colors can be adjusted to your own branding. It’s like a business card: you’re going to stand out more to people and it arouses interest. In addition, they are great for your work. Your camera is securely attached, you can easily store your second body and you don’t have to walk around with a heavy bag all the time.


De camerariemen en -harnassen zijn gemaakt van olnerf-leer en sterk splitleer, dit is heel sterk leer. Veilig voor je camera.


Customize your belt by choosing from different types of leather and an engraving.


All products are handmade by us and therefore fair trade

Fast delivery

A customized product and yet fast delivery. It's possible! Sending within a few workdays.

About Merel

'The face behind The Leather Rebel'

My name is Merel. A passionate and venturous photographer. I know how difficult it can be to find a strap that is strong and that fits your branding. That’s why I decided to make these straps myself.

I think that these days, people are looking for a product that’s not just high quality, but also stylish and adjustable to personal taste. Next to that, they want something sustainable so it lasts long.

The products of The Leather Rebel are all this. And, they don’t come from a big, commercial business with a standard packaging. They come from a passionate entrepreneur who knows photography business. Someone who understands the struggles of photographers and sends all products to you personally. And this passion? It’s a passion you can see, you can feel and you will get.

Camera harnas voor één camera
Merel Naafs
Ontwerper | Fotograaf
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