The Leather Rebel stands for strong, sturdy and stylish camera straps. Our collection consists of various models of camera straps such as a harness, a shoulder strap and a wrist strap, so there is always a camera strap that perfectly suits your working method. Our camera straps are available in various colors and leather types like saddle leather and beautiful buffalo leather. All our straps are designed, made and supplied by Merel, the owner of The Leather Rebel. Merel is an entrepreneur with a great passion for photography and leather. And that passion is reflected in all products.

The Leather Rebel
Schouderriem camera voor dames en heren

Make your strap unique

Our basic products are available in various colors, but you can also provide your camera strap with a nice print or engraving of your own logo. We make our camera mounts in three fun prints, all made of strong leather. This way you can choose what you want: dots, stripes or another nice print. This way you can make your camera strap completely your own and adapt it to every occasion. Because during a business portrait shoot you may wear something different than during a family shoot in nature.

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Strong because of fibers

We use full-grain leather, which is very strong because of the fibers in it. Perfect to keep your camera gear safe.

“Leather is a natural product.
It starts to live more when you use it,
and that’s why I love it."